Beimini Sustainable Resources, LLC will now provide advisory and consulting services for small and middle market companies that cannot afford large consulting agency fees.

Sales Process

“Our mission at Beimini® is to support your mission.”

Over two billion fluorescent, halide, high pressure sodium, CFL lamps and associated fixtures in all forms for companies, government agencies, medical associations, and other non-residential entities will transition to LED lighting over the next several years.

Henry Ford quoted about his Model T:

 “you can have it in any color you want as long as it is black”.

The major LED lighting companies want you to believe that is the case.

We don’t.

We combine a streamlined design process with our Beimini Edge® LED Edge Lit panels to match the performance required by you.

We are a manufacturer and in selling direct to you, we are able to deliver a custom solution at less than wholesale prices. 

Is Beimini Sustainable Resources, LLC a green team partner with utilities or state programs?

Yes, Con Edison, PP&L and NJ Clean Energy 

Does Beimini perform installations?

No, Beimini is not a contractor.  All installation contractors are selected by the purchaser of the panels.

How do I contact Beimini?

 Please complete and submit the contact page information on-line and we will respond.

Where does the Beimini name come from?

Beimini is the way that the Arawak spelled Bimini which was the location of the mythical fountain of youth.

Clients Served


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Ivy Realty - Novo Nordisk

Jones Lang LaSalle

Weickert Industries

IFC World Bank

DC Dept. Human Services

Non-Profit Associations' Headquarters

Design Process

Offices, Operating Rooms, Parking Garages, Stairwells, Elevators, Terraces, Storage Areas - References are available for qualified clients.

Beimini Edge® LED Edge Lit Panels are Intertek listed to UL8750/2108 Standards.  The panels are rated for Dry/Damp locations.  Performance specifications are available off-line on our complete line of data sheets including custom models.





"When your light source says no, Beimini says yes."

We sell direct and use no wholesaler or distributor network.  We are concentrated in Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States. Data Sheets are available upon request for qualified clients.

Innovation and Innovative thinking are the basis for our streamlined design process.   We are not an architectural engineering firm but have been brought into major projects and produced significant savings in energy, installation, demolition, and on-going replacement costs.